City officials said yesterday that they have completed the latest sifting of newly uncovered World Trade Center debris, resulting in the finding of 72 human remains.

In a report sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, city officials said the latest finds from the sifting completed June 18 at the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island brings to 1,845 the "potential" human remains found in an expanded search of Ground Zero debris since October 2006.

The latest sifting began in April after more than 800 cubic yards of debris was found in various hidden areas in and around the trade center area.

While the report lists the finds as "potential human remains," an official with the city medical examiner's office said they have been determined to be human and are undergoing testing to determine if DNA can be found to identify victims.

Of the 2,752 people who died on Sept. 11 in the city, 1,629 have been identified, according to the city medical examiner's office.

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