amny Credit: Jim Lee/DC Comics

To switch things up a bit, amNewYork spoke with “Detective Comics” writer Scott Snyder — who chronicles the adventures of Batman monthly — about what Bruce Wayne does in the morning after a long evening of crime fighting.

Q: When does Batman get home?

A: Batman gets home right around dawn, [and] he goes to sleep.

Q: Does he have any morning rituals?

A: His morning ritual is essential to come home, talk to Alfred, take off the cowl, take off the suit, and clean any wounds he sustained the night before. Maybe have a bite and completely crash until it’s evening again — unless he has some obligation during the day, in which case he’s going to have to hype himself up on coffee or some super hi-tech energy drink that Wayne Industries has put together that just wakes him up. 

Q: What does Bruce Wayne do to wind down after a long night of crime fighting?

A: Bruce comes home, basically does some pushups, practices for the next day, maybe listens to the sounds of criminals screaming or something like that, then goes to sleep and wakes up to do it the next day. Bruce is a solitary soldier. Bruce doesn’t need music or anything like that.

Q: What does he eat?

A: Bruce, I feel, would make himself something that has two raw eggs and the heart of a buffalo. Maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea.

Q: Would he ever let loose and have something bad for him?

A: Bruce? I don’t think so, no. I can’t imagine it. Maybe if somebody else writes it. I could never write Bruce doing anything like that. To me, what makes him believable as Batman is his total obsessive devotion to it. He has no room in his life almost for anything aberration from that. He’s the best fighter, the best detective.

Q: Does Bruce fall right asleep, or toss and turn?

A: Bruce probably counts the criminals that he sent to Blackgate [Prison] or Arkham [Asylum], going through the gates of the prison one after another.

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