Melissa Credit: Getty

This week: Melissa Rivers, TV personality, comedian and fashion expert often found red-carpet-side with her mom, Joan. 

What time is your alarm set for? My alarm is my son [10-year-old Cooper] getting up for school. We usually get him up before everybody else.

Is that a feat? He’s always been a night person. My whole family is that way. None of us are morning people.

So you require coffee … Coffee? If I could do coffee IV, I would. You have no idea. Like, don’t even talk to me until I’ve had it.

What do you do after getting your son off to school? I like to sit and watch the morning news and eat some breakfast. Depending upon what my schedule is, I usually get that slightly quiet hour from 7:30 to 8:30.

It’s not always that quiet? Lots of times, I’m usually up and out and off to work before Cooper even gets up. I’ve joined the “Access Hollywood Live” team, so I’m on every other Friday, and it’s live to the East Coast.

That’s early, considering you’re in LA. Sorry about that! That’s OK, I don’t mind.

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