Jose Haro

Jose Haro Credit: Jose Haro

The Skin I Live In
3 stars
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Starring Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya
Rated R

“The Skin I Live In” may not be as nuanced as some of Pedro Almodóvar’s other movies, but there’s something terrifically low-brow about this shocking thriller.

Antonio Banderas stars as Dr. Robert Ledgard, a plastic surgeon whose wife had died following a fiery car accident — the flames burned every inch of her body.

Dr. Ledgard subsequently becomes obsessed with creating a perfect, impervious human skin, and holes himself up in the priavte lab in his mansion to perfect his project. The guinea pig of his experiment is Vera (Elena Anaya), a beautiful woman whom he’s locked away.

The mystery of the exotic captive unfolds in a series of flashbacks, and the more you learn, the more insidious our handsome doctor becomes.

“Skin” is a thoroughly absorbing and disturbing tale that will definitely provoke reactions.

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