In response to a suspected terror attack Wednesday in London, Nassau County police said the department was “intensifying patrols in various locations,” with “no known imminent threats” to the county.

The added patrols were to be “at all governmental buildings, mass transit, critical infrastructure, houses of worship and at significant public events,” according to Nassau police, which were monitoring the attack along with federal, state and local authorities.

Suffolk County police also said in a statement that there was no current “credible threat of terrorism” to the county, and the department was “actively monitoring this situation and is in close contact with our law enforcement partners, including the FBI.”

Chief James Waters, head of NYPD counterterrorism activity, said the city was deploying Critical Response Command units to United Kingdom-sensitive locations around New York City, such as the British Consulate and United Nations. They were also ramping up security around some city agencies and Jewish institutions.

J. Peter Donald, assistant commissioner for communication and public information, said the NYPD had deployed “long gun teams” to the consulate, City Hall and Grand Central Terminal.

“It’s deeply distressing,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said of the London attack. “There is no country we feel closer to than Great Britain, and London is one of the cities most like New York that we are closest to in the whole world.”

“This is an attack near Parliament, one of the great symbols of democracy in the world, which makes it more troubling,” said de Blasio, who was in Albany on Wednesday. “What we have done in response is what we always do, we activated special efforts by our critical response team . . . and we’ll keep that protection in place as long as we deem necessary.”

In a Wednesday afternoon tweet, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano said he asked the county police department “to intensify patrols throughout our community.”

In the London attack, an assailant fatally stabbed a police officer at the gates to Britain’s Parliament compound Wednesday after plowing a vehicle through terrified pedestrians along Westminster Bridge.

The attacker was shot and killed by officers stationed outside Parliament, authorities said.

Authorities said they were treating the attack as a “terrorist incident.”

With Michael Gormley and Anthony M. DeStefano

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