New Yorkers have little patience for waiting on lines -- or for cooking. Due to busy schedules, sheer laziness, lack of creativity or the convenience of online ordering, many are turning to grocery delivery services.

And some are even leaving the menu planning up to those who run the services. A whole new crop of delivery and pickup companies have launched in the last couple of years that bring you everything from menu ideas to all the groceries you need to make a great meal at home.


The Brooklyn-based subscription service delivers between 11 and 15 predetermined fresh produce items, such as butter, corn, grapes, pears, milk, sweet potatoes, chicken and steak from farms and small producers -- most from the greater NYC area -- instead of set menu items. Quinciple goes out of its way to provide consumers with out-of-the-box ingredients too, such as "pink-a-boo" apples. Each box is delivered via tricycle, meaning no emissions. Boxes of food include recipe cards and tips.

DELIVERY RANGE: Twice a week; Brooklyn customers can also pick up at 10 locations, starts three to nine days after starting subscription.

PRICE: $49.90 per week for delivery, $37.90 for pickup (Brooklyn only)

Blue Apron

Founded in spring 2012, and currently delivering 200,000 meals per month, NYC is this Brooklyn-based business' biggest market. Each order includes recipes and the ingredients needed to cook them.

DELIVERY RANGE: About six days, depending on location

PRICE: $9.99 per person per meal, tax and delivery cost included

Good Eggs

This company touts 100% locally grown fresh produce, chef-made meals and baked goods, which can be delivered to Brooklyn homes and offices Tuesday through Friday. The company, which started in San Francisco, is hoping to expand to Manhattan in spring. They also offer 15 pickup locations in Brooklyn.

DELIVERY RANGE: Order two days in advance; deliveries and pickups are made Tuesdays through Fridays.

PRICE: $3.99 for delivery, plus cost of items, free to pick up 


This national company offers users a selection of menus daily from top chefs. You choose which meals you want to cook and how many people you're serving, and everything you need gets delivered to your door. Plated promises meals cooked in 30 minutes, which is really not bad for the busy New Yorker!

DELIVERY RANGE: Order off the menu on Monday through the following Monday, delivery arrives on Tuesday

PRICE: $12-15 member/ nonmember per dinner

Hello Fresh

The subscription service, created to feed multiple people, provides meals in four easy steps: 1) The company provides recipes (from restaurants like Momofuku and Eleven Madison Park). 2) They do the shopping. 3) They deliver. 4) You cook!

DELIVERY RANGE: One week from order completion, on Wednesdays

PRICE: $69-$129, delivery at no additional cost

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