Career Fair

Career Fair Credit: New Yorkers at a recent career fair (Getty Images)

Though unemployment shot up in the Big Apple in January, revised numbers released Thursday showed that employers here added jobs at a faster clip than the rest of the country in 2011.

The jobless rate in the city hit 9.3% - a 16-month high - in January, according to the state's Labor Department.

That's higher than the national rate of 8.3% in January and the city's rate of 8.9% a year ago. The nation's February jobs report is due Friday.

But the city's private sector grew 2.3%, adding 71,400 jobs since January 2011, the Labor Department said. That surpasses the nation's increase of 2.1% and the state's 1.7%.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the numbers reflect a "strong confidence" in New York City's economy, but acknowledged that more jobs are needed.

"Unemployment is still too high, and we must do more to make sure that we continue to create quality jobs for all New Yorkers," Bloomberg said in a statement.

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