Average New Yorkers don't have a vote when it comes to the Oscars, but they sure do have opinions about this year's nominees ... and the show in general.

Jamiyla Batts, a student from Brooklyn, said she didn't know "Django Unchained" was nominated, but said it should win.

"I love Jamie Foxx and I love Kerry Washington," she said.

Alex Banales, 32, of Long Island City, said he enjoys the spectacle of the Oscars, but doesn't take them seriously as an artistic competition. He said he might join an Oscar party with his pals.

"It's nice getting together, talking about the different movies, the performances," he said.

Some New Yorkers, however, were not thrilled with this year's nominees.

Alanna Savage, 31, a Harlem grad student, said she'd watch the show, but that "politically, it's skewed ... I don't know if it's indicative of what's the best," she said.

Rahsead Williams, of Staten Island, is sticking with the blockbusters. "A movie like 'G.I. Joe,' which is coming out soon, I am seeing that, or even 'Spider-Man,' but not everyone wants to see those [Oscar nominees]," he said.

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