The heat wave won't be letting up this week, despite possible afternoon thunderstorms for the next few days. And with temps set for at least the high 80s all week, some New Yorkers are feeling all burned up.

"The heat is oppressive," said Diane Nuttall, 40, of the Upper East Side. "I'm running the air too much. Usually I am frugal with but I can't do that this season."

Maurice Merritt, 22, of the Bronx, agreed, and said summer in the city can sometimes get unbearable.

"It's exhausting," he said. "We need more shade instead of all these glass windows reflecting light back onto us down here," he said, adding, "In the Bronx, all the fire hydrants are busted open."

Today's high is expected to hit 89, followed by two days at 88 or higher, with a slight cooldown Friday at a high of 84.

"I sit under the AC at home, not looking forward to the Con Ed bill," said Robert Selby, 49, of Rego Park. "Nowadays, I'm looking forward to the commute every day in an air-conditioned car!"

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