New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks during a news conference...

New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks during a news conference in the Bronx on Saturday. Credit: James Carbone

Mayor Eric Adams will seek permission from the families of the NYPD officers who were shot Friday in an ambush to publicize body-worn camera footage for "the entire country to see what happened."

"This was horrific, to see how they were assassinated in that apartment. I take my hat off to the rookie officer, approximately six months on patrol. He responded with a level of poise," Adams said on MSNBC Tuesday morning.

Adams was praising a third officer responding to a mother-son dispute in Harlem, who shot the man who opened fire, Lashawn McNeil, 47.

That cop fired after McNeil shot the other cops responding to the call, Officer Jason Rivera, 22, who died Friday, and Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, who is hospitalized with critical injuries at NYU Langone Medical Center.

"With the permission of the family. I think it’s imperative that the family state if they want it released, but I do believe that is a video I personally feel everyone needs to see," Adams told 1010 WINS.

"It tore me apart to see what happened to those officers," he added.

Adams said that the shooter, who died Monday, also had an AR-15 under his mattress, in addition to a Glock gun with a high-capacity magazine storing 40 extra rounds.

NYPD Officer Jason Rivera, 22, left, was shot dead Friday night...

NYPD Officer Jason Rivera, 22, left, was shot dead Friday night in Harlem. NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, right, was critically injured in the shooting. Credit: NYPD

"If that person was not stopped in that apartment, he could have created a great deal of loss of lives if it wasn't stopped when it was stopped," Adams said.

Adams on Tuesday said that Mora remained hospitalized.

"He’s still — he’s in the hospital. We join the family in prayer, the power of prayer," Adams said on WPIX Channel 11.

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