The NYPD is digging through unsolved sex attacks to see if a police officer charged with raping a woman last week assaulted anyone else in the past.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters Thursday that investigators are zeroing in on other cases to see if he may have raped any other women since joining the department three years ago.

“We’ve looked at other incidents to see if this individual may be involved,” Kelly said at a news conference Thursday, according to The New York Times. “They have picked out some that they think have potential for having been perpetrated by this individual.”

Police said Michael Pena was drunk when he stopped a 25-year-old teacher to ask her for directions to the subway before taking her to an Inwood apartment building’s backyard, where he allegedly raped her at gunpoint. Pena, 27, was off-duty at the time.

Investigators have not come across any specific cases they think Pena may have been involved in, police said yesterday.

His lawyers didn’t return calls for comment.

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