A surveillance video shows two men on a subway platform...

A surveillance video shows two men on a subway platform before Ki-Suk Han was pushed. (DCPI) Credit: A surveillance video shows two men on a subway platform before Ki-Suk Han was pushed. (DCPI)

Updated 7:57 p.m. Police last night were questioning the man they suspect pushed a 58-year-old Queens father to his death in a Times Square subway station Monday, officials said.

The unidentified 29-year-old man was picked up by detectives at 50th Street and Seventh Avenue, just a block away from where victim Ki-Suck Han was pushed in front of a southbound train and smashed to death between the train and platform, officials said.

"We have an individual we're questioning that resembles the individual captured in the video. He was taken into custody by detectives who were canvassing video and found an image that resembled this individual," police spokesman Paul Browne said. "He's being questioned now."

The NYPD put out a $12,000 reward for information on the suspect, and officers were reportedly posted near the station's entrance in case he returned.

The department also released a video of the suspect and increased patrols in the area.

A police spokesman said the man in custody had a few prior arrests, but for "nothing major."

The grisly death was the result of an argument between the two men, and a video released by the NYPD showed the suspect and Han, of Elmhurst, having what appeared to be a heated conversation on the platform.

A witness on the scene told amNewYork on Monday afternoon there was a loud "thud" when Han hit the tracks and called the fight "crazy."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tuesday said the suspect likely has "psychiatric problems."

"It's one of those great tragedies and it's a blot on all of us," Bloomberg said, according to the Daily News. "If we could do anything to stop it we would. But the good news is it happens phenomenally rarely.

"That doesn't make any difference to the person who's deceased. To his family, that's no consolation whatsoever. Our prayers should be with him."

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