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Bobby Flay Credit: Bobby Flay

Foodies feasted at the ultimate food festival, hosted by grill master Bobby Flay, on Friday.

Dan’s Taste of Two Forks sizzled as fashionable foodies such as Michael Gelman, Bill Hemmer and newly crowned Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli taste-tested dishes from 40 restaurants.

We got the Amagansett resident to dish about his Hamptons life beyond the grill.

Do you get to go out to dinner, or are you constantly asked to cook?
“I would say that I cook about 80% of the time at home because I love to cook at home. It’s the thing I do, not only for a profession, but it’s a thing I do to relax. But I love going out to dinner.”

What is one of your favorite eat-out destinations?
“Bostwicks in East Hampton. Don’t tell anybody. I ate there today, about two hours ago. A bunch of people in my house, we all went and had lobster rolls and steamers. It’s definitely one of my favorite places.”

What other things do you like to do when you are out here?
“I play golf at Noyak. I’ve been a member there for 20-something years. ... I love to go shopping here, I love to cook here, play golf, eat, drink, go in the pool. My wife is a much better paddleboarder than I am, that’s for sure ... but I like the pool!”

Do you constantly have houseguests? I’d think your home is a coveted place to stay in the summer.
“We call it Hotel Flay-March; my wife’s last name [is] March. ... I have a hotel basically, but that’s why we built the house. We want friends and family to come out, enjoy, have a good time. It’s very casual. Everybody kicks on their bathing suit when we wake up, and we just spend the day just kind of hanging out.”

With Elisa DiStefano/News 12 Long Island in the Hamptons.Follow Elisa on Twitter @ElisaDiStefano.

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