A record eight new television shows will film in New York State this year, most of them in the city, officials said yesterday.

Several of the programs will use local studios such as Kaufman Astoria and Silvercup, both in Queens. Together, the shows will create more than 4,700 jobs and work for about 11,000 extras.

Empire State Development Corp. and its Governor’s Office for Motion Picture and Television Development credited the influx of new TV projects to better state incentives.

New York now provides $420 million per year in tax credits to film and television producers in return for them shooting here. That’s an annual increase of $70 million from 2009.

The new shows are: “Pan Am,” a drama about the iconic airline’s stewardesses in the 1960s; “Smash,” a drama from filmmaker Steven Spielberg about staging a Broadway musical based on the life of screen idol Marilyn Monroe; “Person of Interest,” a crime thriller; “Unforgettable,” a mystery; “A Gifted Man,” a drama about a surgeon; “I Just Want My Pants Back,” a comedy about twentysomethings living in New York City; “Girls,” a comedy about single women, and “Rookies,” a police drama.

The tax credits have reversed the decline in filming locally. They have “turned New York into a major player,” said Dana Kuznetzkoff of the Producers Guild of America. “No longer a location just for quick exterior shoots of iconic locations, New York is now a first choice when deciding where to film.”

Since January, 43 film and 30 television productions have decided to do work in the state, spending more than $1 billion. Officials yesterday estimated that producers would spend $10.5 billion through 2014.

“As more and more television production is done in New York, the state makes more and more money,” said Douglas C. Steiner, chairman of Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. “This is simply great business for New Yorkers and it’s ours to lose.”

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