Thanks to the city, the cable guy just got a lot friendlier.

Under a deal negotiated with Gotham, cable companies must inform customers how long they have to wait before the cable guy shows up for an appointment, and update customers of his travels via text, e-mail or Internet. If he’s late, consumers will be reimbursed with the equivalent of their monthly bill.

What’s more, companies must now have a real human being come on the line within 30 seconds of a customer making an automated selection, instead of having customers suffer through interminable waits, according to published reports.

And it gets better: Cablevision and Time Warner by next year will have to provide three 10-minute free Wi-Fi sessions per month in city parks. Users who want to keep surfing can pay a flat 99-cent fee per day. Existing subscribers will get the park perk for free.

Upon final approval, Cablevision will also be required to provide Internet in schools, and Time Warner to offer multiple free broadband locations in the city. 

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