Creating the next Metropolis doesn't happen over night, even in the virtual world.

Fans of the "SimCity" video game series were extremely frustrated after technical issues prevented them from playing the latest version of the game.

The P.C. game, which launched Tuesday, requires players to connect to the Internet to create their virtual cities and interact online, but players have been hit with error messages or long wait times.

There is no offline option and fans sounded off at the game's publisher Electronic Arts and Maxis developer on the "SimCity" Facebook page.

"Social aspects my butt. This is all about punishing legit customers. Slow clapping for EA and Maxis all around," posted fan Michael Kim.

EA said it was performing maintenance on their "SimCity" servers and reassured fans they will be able to enjoy the game soon.

"Performance will fluctuate during this process. Our fans are important to us, and we thank you for your continued patience," the company said on its Facebook page Thursday.

Some fans have created a petition to force the company to make the game playable offline.

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