Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Credit: Getty Images

Yes, Sophia Vergara looks damn good for pushing 40, but mistaking her for a kid who's under the legal drinking age is a bit of a stretch.

An eyewitness told us that the "Modern Family" actress showed up to Ava Lounge at the Dream Hotel Midtown on Saturday night to attend a bash for the Broadway musical "Ghost" but couldn't get in because she wasn't packing ID that proved she was older than 21.

Honestly, these doormen need to chill.

The spy said Vergara's pal attempted to pull the old "don't you know who she is" shtick, but the stern keeper of the door wouldn't budge, causing the "disappointed" Emmy nominee to leave (and, probably, his own demise at the rooftop bar). Vergara will turn 40 in July, FYI). Clearly, not-so-young stars getting carded seems to be a trend: Last week, it was reported that Kelsey Grammer (who, apart from being famous, is 57 years old) was asked for ID by the 21-year-old clerk at a Chicago tattoo parlor where he was planning to get his fourth wife's name inked on his hip.

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