The state Department of Health has ordered that ambulances no longer transport patients to Far Rockaway's Peninsula Medical Center over concerns the facility can no longer provide adequate patient care.

Because Medisys Health Network, the management company that pulled out of the hospital Monday, is no longer involved in its daily operation, it is "difficult for the hospital to meet minimum standards required by the state hospital code," Diane Mathis, a health department spokeswoman, said in a statement.

Mathis' statement also said that since Medisys managed the hospital's anesthesiologists, the service is no longer available for surgical patients. State officials said the hospital is running short on laundry supplies and intravenous fluids and garbage is not being removed.

After two years operating the hospital, Medisys severed ties with the facility this week over concerns with Peninsula's estimated $60 million debt. In July, the management company filed papers to close the aging facility. Medisys also operates Jamaica Hospital in Queens.

In an effort keep the 100-year-old hospital from closing, two investors submitted a financial operating plan last week to the state to keep the facility open. A third investor stepped forward Tuesday in hopes of convincing state officials the three can take over the hospital. The plan must be approved by the Department of Health and in the meantime, the hospital will remain open.

Louis Caucig, a member of the hospital's board of directors, said he's confident state officials will accept the proposal.

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