- The state Senate is poised to approve a budget bill Monday that would add surveillance cameras on five "select bus service" routes across the city, including one being developed on First and Second avenues. The legislation, which has been stalled in Albany for years, would finally allow the city to bust vehicles illegally parked in the bus lane. The Assembly has already passed it and the governor is expected to sign it.


- The service cuts are coming! The V and W train will have their last runs Friday night, with the new M line looping between Queens and Brooklyn starting service on Monday. The bus cuts will go into effect on Sunday for routes that run on the weekends.


- Roughly 550 bus operators will have their last day of work on Sunday because of the service cuts, with workers receiving pink slips in the last few days.


- The city Taxi and Limousine Commission will consider adding another group taxi ride stand south of the popular location on York Avenue. The agency will vote on the new location Tuesday.


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