It’s no fun being accosted by strangers. But if they’re handsome young fellas offering you a flower, carrying your bags or holding open a door, well, that’s less unpleasant.

“We’re being manly men and showing you that chivalry is not dead,” said Curtis Pierre, 23, one of 100 men performing gentlemanly acts Sunday in Times Square to promote Dockers khakis’ “Wear the Pants” campaign.

In an age when women are taking on breadwinner roles and shattering other stereotypes, the gestures were a welcome surprise to some.

“It’s refreshing,” said Lori Carr, 43, visiting from Homestead, Fla.

“Gender roles are always clashing,” Pierre said, “but regardless of whether women want to be more independent, there are things men are supposed to do.”

Many women in Times Square yesterday seemed to agree, especially when wished a happy Mother’s Day wishes and given a complimentary rose.

“It’s a nice gesture,” said Barry Roth, 25, part of the campaign, then adding practically, “and people love free stuff.”

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