Trekkies beam up Scott Speedman
“Star Trek” pals Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto couldn’t be more adorable. When they spied “Felicity” star Scott Speedman hanging out alone at the “Monogamy” premiere party at Beba on Saturday, they brought him to the area of the restaurant where they were sitting, a witness said.  

Amanda: Not ready for marriage quite yet
When we caught up with “Letters for Juliet” star Amanda Seyfried over the weekend, she just gushed about her boyfriend Dominic Cooper’s acting chops, saying he’s a “king” on stage. But don’t expect a wedding for the 24-year-old any time soon. “A lot of people who are young really shouldn’t get married,” the starlet told us. “We’re still changing. Our tastes are still changing, our minds are still changing. I’m really against marriage at a young age.”

Martin not such a 'Nice Guy' to the paparazzi?
Coldplay’s Chris Martin had no interest in the spotlight at Friday’s “Nice Guy Johnny” party at City Hall restaurant. Sans Gwyneth Paltrow, a hoodie-wearing Martin tried to sneak unnoticed into the soiree. Once inside, he hung out with Zach Braff and refused to pose for pics — until he caved and let photogs capture a Heineken toast with “Johnny” director Edward Burns, a source at the party told us.

Rush: Fashion-challenged and proud of it
The members of the band Rush didn’t even try to dress well for Saturday’s red-carpet premiere of the doc “Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage.” “We’ve had no fashion sense for 45 years,” said rocker Geddy Lee, below right, shown with Alex Lifeson. ”We naturally don’t fit in.”

Renee gets unintentionally laughs
The flop of the festival’s first weekend was unquestionably “My Own Love Song,” the hilariously misconceived, melodramatic road movie starring Renee Zellweger and Forest Whitaker. The crowd at Saturday’s screening sat in stony silence, except for the occasional


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