Trump Credit: Getty Images

When it comes to Robert De Niro, it’s Donald Trump who’s acting like the “wise guy.”

The boisterous billionaire shot back at the two-time Oscar winner Monday, saying on “Fox & Friends” that De Niro’s “not the brightest bulb on the planet.” This was after the “Goodfellas” actor complained about Trump’s recent rants in which he’s questioned whether President Barack Obama was born in the U.S.

“He can say what he wants, but the fact is that [Obama] has not revealed his birth certificate and a lot of people agree with me,” Trump said.

While the real estate mogul has said he may challenge the president by running as a Republican in 2012, his critics say he’s only looking to publicize his hit reality show. De Niro, speaking to NBC News’ Brian Williams during an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, compared the Trump spectacle to a “hustle.”

“It’s like being a car salesman,” he said, adding, “Don’t go out there and say things unless you can back them up.”

De Niro isn’t the only A-lister uninterested in Trump’s politics, with comedians Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld reportedly unhappy with his remarks.

Trump on Monday also defended his spotty voting record during primaries, saying his constant traveling can make it difficult to vote or the Republican candidate is a long shot to win anyway. Last week, NY1 reported that Trump hasn’t voted in the primaries since 1989.

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