San Diego firework disaster

San Diego firework disaster

A week after the monumental July 4th firework flub in San Diego, a spectacular close-up HD video was posted to Reddit Tuesday.

"It's a bit late but here is DSLR footage I took of the SD fireworks at a park directly across the water from one of the barges. Behold as night becomes day," said the Redditor who uploaded the video.

Watch the video below, but be careful if you're wearing headphones - it's very loud.

It's still unknown what caused every firework in the 18-minute Big Bay Boom show to explode in only 30 seconds.

"This is very uncommon," August Santore, co-owner of Garden State Fireworks, told CNN. "There was nothing in the pyrotechnics that went wrong. ... It was the electronics."

Plans to redo the fireworks program are in the works, according to San Diego's 10news.

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