Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl Credit: Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl VIII, Sun., 3 p.m. on Animal Planet: For the non-sports fan, the Puppy Bowl - which will be broadcast on repeat until 3 a.m. - boasts 20 adopted dogs frolicking around a 10-foot-by-19-foot "stadium" for two hours (or until they fall asleep). The halftime show features kittens.

Lingerie Bowl IX, Sun., 4 p.m. on MTV: No longer aired during halftime of the Super Bowl, the Lingerie Bowl is the championship game of the Lingerie Football League (yes, it exists) between the Los Angeles Temptation and the Philadelphia Passion. Recommended viewing for single men, or for men who want to quickly become single.

Law & Order Marathon, all day on TNT:The long-running television drama will air all day, so you can tune in during halftime, coach's challenges and New England safety James Ihedigbo's inevitable injury timeout.

60 Minutes Presents: Three Remarkable Women, Sun., 8 p.m. on CBS: In a special episode, Morley Safer profiles Meryl Streep, Anna Wintour and Dolly Parton. It's a potential follow-up if you didn't find the halftime show's remarkable woman (Madonna) appealing enough.

Hannity, Sun., 9 p.m. on Fox News Channel: The conservative commentator has a new episode that will air through much of the second half. He'll surely break down the matchup between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, if you prefer that to Cris Collinsworth breaking down the matchup between the Patriots and Giants.

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