Commuters in the city (Getty)

Commuters in the city (Getty) Credit: Commuters in the city (Getty)

1. Strangers randomly talk to you in the street and compliment your clothes

2. Lost your MetroCard? Don’t worry, there are guys waiting to swipe you in ... and at a discount!

3. Because Elmo wants to take a picture of you

4. We’ve got Jimmy Fallon

5. Because the coffee guy gives you his extra muffins for free before he closes

6. Because we’re the only baseball city where not every fan is booing A-Rod

7. Most of us offer our seat for those who really need it on the subway

8. If you ask for directions, someone will give them to you (although they will probably be wrong)

9. Despite what people see on TV, we don’t push people to the side to get where we are going

10. Because we’ve got a cop who used his own money to buy a homeless man boots

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