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Now it’s official.

Disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner’s resignation will be effective Tuesday at midnight, the Democrat wrote in a brief letter Monday afternoon to the governor and New York’s secretary of state.

The letter came four days after Weiner's resignation announcement in front of a media circus in Brooklyn.

Now that Weiner is officially out, there are still some lingering questions:

Who will replace him?
In the short term, Gov. Andrew Cuomo could either call for a special election — where party leaders would pick who runs — or let candidates petition, compete in a September primary and then run in a November general election. Cuomo’s office won’t say way which option he prefers. There’s also a chance that the district will be absorbed into surrounding areas when politicians redraw district lines before the next election.

What happens to his leftover campaign money?
It’s unclear what will happen to the $4 million war chest Weiner amassed for a potential 2013 mayoral run. His Political Action Committee could decide to use it to support other races next year, said Jamie Chandler, a Hunter College political science professor. New York Republicans have called on Weiner to return the money to the donors.

Will Weiner go broke?
Doubtful. According to the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union, Weiner will receive more than $1 million under his retirement package. His pension will start at $46,224 annually if he waits until his 62nd birthday, or $32,357 if he cashes in early at 56. And if he invested in a congressional retirement plan — similar to a 401K — he may have an extra $216,011 waiting for him. He also reportedly has job offers (that he’ll never take) for a guest appearance on HBO’s “Entourage” and by Hustler magazine owner Larry Flint to work for the company’s Internet group.

Where is he now?
Weiner’s office never disclosed the location of his rehab treatment, and it doesn’t seem like he’s getting any in-patient care now. Weiner reportedly left New York City last week after his resignation announcement, and was spotted with his wife, Huma Abedin, in a supermarket on their way to the Hamptons. His spokesman didn’t return calls or emails for comment.

What happened to Weiner’s staff?
Weiner’s offices in New York and Washington remain open daily to work on behalf of his constituents. As of Wednesday, they will report to the Clerk of the House and remain on payroll, but nobody will vote on behalf of his district until a successor is elected.

(with Erik Ortiz)

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