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amNY - yuck

Despite being in diapers when the first Lollapalooza tour stormed across America, the members of England’s Yuck have taken their fascination with the alternative rock of the 1990s and turned it into one the year’s most exciting debut albums.

Though the band might seem to be something of an overnight sensation, singer Daniel Blumberg and guitarist Max Bloom have been through this before. They had a hit in England with their first band, Cajun Dance Party, which they started when they were 15.

amNY spoke with Blumberg.

What inspired you to shift from the indie-pop sound of Cajun Dance Party to the louder music Yuck makes? Cajun Dance Party was like a school band — we wrote those songs to play in a battle of the bands. The record came out three years after it was written, and you change so much from 15 to 18.

When did you discover the music of the ‘90s? When I was around 17, I got introduced to some really good stuff by my friends, like Lambchop, Smog, Dinosaur Jr. and Will Oldham. That had a massive significance. It’s the best feeling when someone shows you something new.

Many reviews said you seemed nervous onstage during Yuck’s first shows. Has that changed? We made these songs in Max’s room without any fans. We didn’t even know we’d be putting a record out. Then, suddenly, we’re playing in New York. I guess it’s something you get used to. Music is quite a personal thing — it’s abstract, and it’s sometimes difficult to understand how people are connecting with what you’re doing.

What was your first visit to New York like? We had loads of issues with visas. We played a show at Glasslands where we had to rush from the airport and go right onstage. Then, on our second visit, we heard gunshots as we were checking into our hotel. That was interesting coming from the U.K., where we don’t really have guns.

If you go: Yuck is at the Music Hall of Williamsburg Thursday and Friday at 9 p.m. 66 N. Sixth st., 718-486-5400. $15.

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