Tonight was an interesting show to say the least. All the talk heading into Raw was the special three-hour viewer’s choice show. The talk after the show is the start of a major storyline involving all the season one NXT rookies beating the hell out of John Cena, CM Punk, Jerry Lawler, and destroying the ringside area. And I mean it when I say they destroyed the ringside area. They even tore the cover off of the ring. That’s hardcore. Major statement made by some of the newest members of the WWE roster.

Before we pass judgment on the angle, which is only a few hours old, it’s very intriguing. You have to give the WWE a lot of credit to give these guys a major spot on a special Raw in the main event slot with the likes of John Cena. The WWE has to have something big planned for these guys because what the NXT rookies did tonight is major. Call it an invasion or whatever, but this is one big stable and could be the start of something very good in the WWE.

I’m a little skeptical of the angle (again, it’s still very early) because many people probably don’t know a lot about these NXT rookies and if these guys run as a stable, it’s a very large group. But again, a very bold move on the part of the WWE.

I’m not trying to imply the WWE put the NXT rookies in this position to promote season two of NXT, but it doesn’t hurt. I’m guessing all the season one rookies are going to become full-fledged members of the WWE.

I was planning to write a blog post on how most of these guy will be distant memories this time next year, and I still feel a few might be long gone, but a few could become big players based on the beat down of Raw. I could see the reasoning behind this for the NXT rookies. The WWE might want to play it that they took abuse from the pros during the NXT inaugural season and now that it’s over, it’s their turn to beat down the pros. Maybe? I don’t know but it could head down that avenue.

I do have one question, I was under the assumption the winner of NXT would get a contract from the WWE and then be able to challenge for a title of their choosing. I also thought one winner meant one guy becoming a member of the WWE. There are times that the WWE will eventually sign one or two other guys soon after, but not the whole cast.

Doesn’t it kind of kill Wade Barrett’s thunder a little bit if they’re all signed by the WWE? Yes, he still gets the title shot, (looks like he will challenge Cena after tonight) but they’re all members of the WWE? In essence you don’t have to win NXT to make it to the WWE.

As for the rest of Raw, it was mundane. The cast of the “A-Team” was not great as I was expecting more to be done with Rampage since his background is MMA. The WWE touched on it briefly, but it was left at that. It was great to see Roddy Piper and Mean Gene Okerlund. If the cast of the “A-Team” did anything it gave us the opportunity to see two legends on Raw.

As for the “viewer’s choice,” it felt rushed. Voting during the show I thought would be a good idea, but it wasn’t. It would have been great to see these choices on a day or two before the show. I’m guessing the WWE thought they would be giving too much of the show away by doing that. As for the choices, they were what you would expect. The body slam match for Big Show and Chris Jericho was pretty funny. And then there was the comedic choice for the Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov match, which turned out to be a dance off that Kozlov won.

The Undertaker in a vegetated state angle made its unfortunate way to Raw. It has turned into everything I thought it would and that’s a bad thing. Kane is going around to everyone, including Bret Hart, and questioning their motive into putting Taker in a comatose state. I love the Undertaker, he’s my all-time favorite wrestler and I have loved just about every angle he’s been involved in. This is without question turning into the worst possible storyline ever for Undertaker. How can the Undertaker character be in a vegetated state? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

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