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Regarding "Health care could be a chance for compromise" [Opinion, Feb. 2], the health care reform act does not cut the cost of care. The problem for most Americans is that the premiums for insurance are high, because the cost of care is outrageous. Insurance companies are saddled with ridiculous costs from pharamacutical companies, doctors, hospitals, poor health habits of Americans, outrageous amounts of medical testing and over-prescribing of medications.

All the reform act does is raise premiums for the already insured. We need a better solution that includes cost containment.

Barbara Brottman


This fall, my husband became ill and was hospitalized for a long time. While at the hospital, he contracted an infection that would require lengthy antibiotic treatment at home. Due to the fact that we went through a catastrophic health crisis, we were without coverage in a "doughnut" area. The cost of the antibiotic was $1,900. Thankfully we were able to pay this, and the pharmacy worked to secure the drug quickly.

I have frequently heard people say that health insurance and drug coverage aren't their problem. It is only when it strikes you that you realize it is your problem.

When you are dealing with the stress of an ill family member and have to jump through hoops to obtain the treatment required, you see quite clearly that being assurred of care when you need it is essential.

A number of politicians are pushing for repeal of health care reform. Please look around you and see that we truly need this reform so that we can weather the health care crises in our lives and continue to be productive citizens.

Mary Bruckenstein


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