After winning a face-off, Smithtown East's Gerard Arceri, left, is...

After winning a face-off, Smithtown East's Gerard Arceri, left, is marked by Smithtown West's Chris Weider in the second half on Wednesday April 29, 2015 at Smithtown West High School. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Gerard Arceri is a senior faceoff man on the Smithtown East boys lacrosse team. He was a 2015 All-American selection and was named to the 2016 Under-19 national team, said Smithtown East coach Jason Lambert.

Arceri, who is bound for Penn State, had 19 assists and 28 points last season and played a crucial role in helping his team win its second Suffolk Class A championship in as many years.

Q: What are you expecting this season?

A: I’m still expecting a high-powered offense, the same as years past. We’ve got a new goalie, hopefully we’ll figure that out and get another county championship.

Q: What’s different about you on the field this year?

A: My size. I really worked a lot in the weight room and worked on my speed a lot. I’m going to try to get a lot more goals off the faceoff, push in transition a lot faster and try to beat my guy right away instead of just winning faceoffs and running off the field.

Q: What do you contribute to the team?

A: I’m just trying to lead them as much as possible. We lost a couple big players, guys that helped lead us to the county championship, but we’re trying to do what we can to succeed again.

Q: Who’s your favorite athlete?

A: My favorite athlete’s got to be Steph Curry. He’s the best and I try to be the best . . . To be like him, but with my lacrosse game instead of basketball.

Q: What’s your favorite Netflix show to binge watch?

A: Definitely “Prison Break.” It’s awesome, two brothers working together to try to get out of prison. It’s just an awesome show.