What was really accomplished tonight on Raw? Not much in my opinion. The Raw GM is still anonymous, Nexus continues to find ways to beat down anything that breathes, and the special guest host still brings nothing to the show.

The one good thing tonight was how the main event for the Money in the Back pay per view was laid out. All eight men were involved in a solid Raw main event that didn’t involve John Cena. The eight men that will vie for the Money in the Bank briefcase on Raw are: Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton, Miz, John Morrison, R-Truth, Evan Bourne, and Ted DiBiase. Good bunch of guys heading into the pay per view and with this kind of match expect Evan Bourne to steal the show, but not the title.

As for the anonymous Raw GM I say this: I have a feeling those within the WWE are still deciding who the best person so fill that role is. Michael Cole has become a hot name especially with his recent remarks on-air. Tonight, he referred to the Miz as awesome. I just have a feeling that the WWE is still not set on who this person might be. If the WWE thinks it’s building anticipation by holding off they’re wrong. I don’t think fans could really stand to hear that e-mail sound anymore.

Not having Wade Barrett with the group was a little weird. It was played off that he was at WWE headquarters talking to the higher-ups about the actions of Nexus. I understand what this angle was supposed to do, but the impact of not having him didn’t do anything for me. I would have much rather him on the show taking part in the beat down of the WWE legends.

The worst part of Raw came in the very beginning with John Cena. I will preface this rant by saying I have never been a fan of his humor or jokes. I feel they’re very childish and although the WWE is aimed toward PG, these are just dumb.

Cena challenged Sheamus to a title match to open the show until *RING* the GM sent an e-mail and took a huge dump all over Cena’s plans. Cena tried to be funny and mocked the GM by saying “Baloney, fudge, and mustard.” Then he threw a line in there how the internet is ruining his life. My boy Webster and his line of dictionaries define “mock” as “to ridicule” or “poke fun” at whatever you’re mocking. There was absolutely nothing funny about that. Baloney, fudge, and mustard? Are you serious or just trying to be Robin/Burt Ward in an episode of Batman circa 1966.

One more because I’m having fun “mocking” Cena. When he gave his e-mail to Cole to send to the GM, Cena gave some juvenile e-mail address: candypants564@ gmail.org. Cena’s excuse for the e-mail: It was for some non-profit thing. He tried to deliver the joke with a confused expression on his face. Thanks, John Cena. You just proved a point that I have tried to prove to many over the years: John Cena will never be anywhere near as good as the Rock was on the mic.

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