The Raw following the Fatal 4 Way pay per view turned out to be better than the pay per view. Plenty of unexpected surprises including an appearance by the one and only, Vince McMahon.

Halfway through the show I thought I was tired of seeing NXT, now called Nexus, attack and dismantle everything in the ring. However, after the beat-down of Vince McMahon I quickly changed my mind. It was yet another good ending for Raw as the Nexus took another step forward.

Now comes the hard part: there’s no one else for Nexus to dismantle in the WWE. Now the writers need to get creative and make Nexus look good but by moving on from brawling with anything that moves inside a ring. How do you do that? Fire Bret Hart and add a new GM to the mix? Not really

With Vince firing Hart tonight and hiring a new GM, which we will get to see next week, does this advance the NXT angle? We’ll have to wait and see, but I shudder to think that that Bret’s time as GM is really over. If so, it’s sad to see him go so quickly and the GM position continues to get watered down by the minute. I realized Bret wouldn’t do this for long, but not this quick.

If this Raw showed me anything it’s that NXT has completely become the center of attention on Raw. It’s not a bad thing because the angle is working for the time being, but there will come a time when this becomes stale and run its course. The smoke will settle and Sheamus will still be the WWE Champion and Cena will be chasing the title along with Randy Orton and Edge. The point I’m trying to push is the WWE needs to start making other areas of Raw interesting. I liked how the Miz was inserted between the feud of Edge and Orton. I want to see that develop away from the NXT angle.

It’s great to have the NXT rookies and John Cena at the top of Raw. That’s where it needs to be. But let’s build a few things outside of the angle to give the show some variety. Or just have NXT completely take over the show and have them play a role like the NWO did years ago on WCW's Nitro. Right now Raw is swaying between those two extremes. Pick one and go with it, WWE.

Quick hits:

*Anyone catch the "Daniel Bryan" chants during Raw? It would have been so much better to hear “Brian Danielson” chants to really stick it to the WWE. Although on those who followed his indy days would understand.

*As for who is the new Raw GM? I did a blog post a few weeks ago about possibilities for the position before Bret took over. Here were some of my choice then, and pretty much right now: Shawn Michaels, Dusty Rhodes, Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, or even Jim Ross (Hey, the GM sounded kind of fair in his e-mails to Raw tonight).

*I found it funny that no one for the back came down to aid McMahon as the Nexus took him apart.

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