Four young adults have been charged with underage drinking after an Amish buggy collided with a Chautauqua County sheriff's patrol car, authorities said.

The crash on Sunday resulted in a minor injury to one of the buggy's passengers and in the arrests of four young people on charges of underage possession of alcohol, sheriff's officials said.

Deputies said they found several containers of alcoholic beverages in the buggy that flipped and in another buggy that stopped at the scene of the crash. Several other buggies fled the area, deputies said.

At the time of the crash, deputies were responding to a report of an underage drinking party on a rural road in the southwestern corner of New York, near the Pennsylvania border.

Several buggies were spotted traveling north on Clymer Hill Road in both lanes of travel.

One of the buggies in the southbound lane moved to the northbound lane to make way for the patrol car. However, a second buggy then moved from the northbound lane to the southbound lane, crashing into the sheriff's vehicle and flipping onto its side.

Marvin Byler, 19, of Sherman, suffered a minor injury when his leg became trapped under the flipped buggy.

Charged with underage alcohol possession were Byler; Marty S. Troyer, 20, of Panama; Marianne D. Troyer, 18, of Panama; and Leroy A. Troyer, 20, of Clymer.

Marty Troyer also was charged with unlawfully dealing with a child. Deputies said he hosted the illegal drinking party and was operating the buggy that crashed.

Leroy Troyer was operating the second buggy that stopped at the scene. 

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