Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo traveled to GOP opponent Carl Paladino's home turf in Buffalo Tuesday to issue the third policy "book" of his campaign - this one a soup-to-nuts compendium of economic development proposals.

Cuomo's proposals included many already unveiled, such as creating regional economic development councils, and some new details, such as eliminating the capital gains tax for investments in start-ups.

"New York is not the Empire State because it has a great government complex," said Cuomo, on a visit to Synacor Inc., a web portal provider, before heading to a Syracuse factory to plug his jobs plan. "We have to be all about the creation of jobs, jobs, jobs."

The visit came a day after Conservative Party candidate Rick Lazio quit the race, boosting Paladino's chances in a contest many had viewed as a Cuomo walkover.

Paladino, campaigning in New York City, issued a statement dismissing Cuomo's plan as "more empty promises from another career politician who has never created a job in his life."

E.J. McMahon of the conservative-leaning Empire Center for New York State Policy assessed most of Cuomo's proposals as "standard-issue Albany eyewash," but said Cuomo's stress on a property tax cap and promise to veto tax increases were significant. "An opponent who really understood state government might be already holding Cuomo's feet to the fire . . . Paladino is just flatly asserting in more general terms that he is going to cut spending and cut taxes, without explaining how," McMahon said.

Cuomo's book - bulked out with wide margins and large type - is available on his campaign website, which also offers a quiz on such questions as the estimated number of jobs his "Jobs Now" tax credit would create (165,000).

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