A protester holds a sign as members of the Assembly...

A protester holds a sign as members of the Assembly speak in favor of legislation granting undocumented immigrant driver's licenses during a rally at the state Capitol in Albany on June 17. Credit: AP / Hans Pennink

ALBANY — The state Department of Motor Vehicles has moved the effective date on which people in the country illegally can apply for driver’s licenses to Monday, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

While the Green Light Law allowing immigrants here illegally to secure valid driver’s licenses is effective Saturday, the DMV can move the date when a law is effective on the weekend, said Lisa Koumjian, assistant commissioner for communications.

Some Republican county clerks upstate say they will refuse to issue the driver’s licenses because they have too little information from the state on how to verify applicants' identification. The state provided much of the information to clerks last week.

Critics said the law said will provide a tool for terrorists.

Supporters say more trained and accountable drivers will make roads safer.

On Long Island and in New York City and Westchester County, most motor vehicle transactions are handled by state employees, not county clerks.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has the authority to replace any clerks that refuse to carry out a state law.

For identification, immigrants will be able to use an unexpired passport, an unexpired identification number from a consulate, a valid foreign driver’s license or one that has been expired for less than 24 months. Applicants can also sign an affidavit that they haven't been issued a Social Security number.

The license won’t identify the holder as someone in the U.S. illegally, and it won’t provide access to aircraft or federal facilities such as nuclear power plants.

Many of the papers that immigrants will use to prove their identity will be destroyed by the state under the law to prohibit the federal government from using them to locate people who are here illegally.

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