"Royal Pains" star Mark Feuerstein consults with the show's key...

"Royal Pains" star Mark Feuerstein consults with the show's key production assistant, Lora Sorrentino. The cast and crew were at Old Westbury Gardens to film an episode for Season 3. (April 29, 2011) Credit: T.C. McCarthy

Long Island had some “Royal” behavior of its own Friday -- and it had nothing to do with William and Kate.

The cast and crew of USA Network's hit show “Royal Pains” took over the Palm House at Old Westbury Gardens. The series focuses on the life and times of Hank Lawson (played by Mark Feuerstein), a concierge doctor living in the Hamptons. The show is in its third season, and this is its second visit to the gardens.

“It’s not unusual to have a shoot where they come back several times because we are so large,” said Vincent J. Kish, the garden’s director of communications. Kish added that several movies and television shows have used the garden grounds, including the original “Arthur” and its recent remake.

“Royal Pains" used the main house at Old Westbury Gardens in its inaugural season. For that episode the building was used as a senator’s home, and one of its lawns as a practice football field for the senator’s son.

Most of "Royal Pains" is shot on Long Island, and Manhattan native Feuerstein isn't complaining.

“I love working on Long Island. I mean, there are so many incredible locations here,” he said. “I think we do an incredible job of capturing the lush landscape of Long Island. Because we love it.”

The scene being shot Friday focused on a Hamptons gardener who is ailing from the effects of spores from one of the plants. The episode's air date was not immediately available.

Christopher Arena of Port Jefferson Station is responsible for finding many of the show’s locations. He works for Open for Business Llc, a Brooklyn-based location company, and has scouted locations in Huntington, the Hamptons, Oyster Bay and Long Beach.

“It’s not that hard,” Arena said. “We always look for locations on the water, that’s key. Long Island has a lot of little towns that very much look like they could be out on the water somewhere.”

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Above: "Royal Pains" star Mark Feuerstein consults Friday with the show's key production assistant, Lora Sorrentino, about a scene in Old Westbury Gardens.