Newsday Columnist Saul Friedman, writer of "Gray Matters," on the...

Newsday Columnist Saul Friedman, writer of "Gray Matters," on the mall in Washington in 2006. Credit: AP

Thank you for your column about Saul Friedman ["How Saul Friedman made 'Gray Matters' matter," Act II, Jan. 29]. Indeed, Saul was a unique and progressive journalist. For years I bought the Saturday Newsday to read his column. Afterward, I was happy to find him still writing on a blog, "Time Goes By."

His knowledge and experience and willingness to share his perspective gave us very important political and social insights. I began corresponding with him through his e-mail and Facebook page, and found him to be a warm and responsive person. I only wish I had had the opportunity to meet him.

When I read of his death the day after Christmas, I was in tears, feeling I had lost a personal friend, and we had all lost a voice for seniors. What a wonderful legacy he has left.

Rae Schopp


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