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This is in reply to Philip Cicero's opinion about laying off teachers with little regard for seniority ["Cut here," Opinion, Jan. 16].

This would be a mistake. Senior teachers are usually the leaders of a school. They know how to manage a classroom, develop new curriculum, control the halls and supervise the cafeterias. They often contribute to extracurricular activities.

Also, if the district offers no seniority reward for career teachers, then what incentive does a high-quality professional have to stay in a district? Teachers would be temporarily hired professionals - there would be no covenant between educators and their district. A teacher would look for the highest salary and leave the district without any sense of loyalty.

Districts would lose the sense of community that develops when senior teachers feel that they have a bond with the students, parents, administrators, custodians, secretaries and other people in education.

William Lemmey


Editor's note: The writer is a retired teacher from Hicksville public schools.