Long Beach's West End residents are now designated to vote...

Long Beach's West End residents are now designated to vote at Lindell Elementary School. (Nov. 13, 2012) Credit: Howard Schnapp

The West End Neighbors Civic Association is organizing a shuttle for voters in Tuesday’s election.

The shuttle will take residents of the West End to their polling place, Lindell Elementary School, said John Bendo, president of the civic association.

The traditional West End polling place, West Elementary School, is not being used as a polling place this year.

The West End shuttle will pick up residents at the Maryland Avenue entrance of West School and taken them to Lindell School and back, the civic association said in a statement. The shuttle, which will be operated by volunteers, will run from 9:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m., the statement said.

“There is an old saying that all politics is local,” Bendo said in the statement. “Well, with all the local positions we are voting on that is certainly the case this year. So make sure you get out and vote.”

The civic association previously lobbied to have West School reopened as a polling place. Nassau County’s Democratic elections commissioner, William Biamonte, said the polling place is remaining closed because it was closed during the September primary.

West School was shuttered by superstorm Sandy but has since reopened.

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