Southampton High seniors Chloe Hase (left) and Aidan Roughan (center),...

Southampton High seniors Chloe Hase (left) and Aidan Roughan (center), pictured here with a child named Yoanfri (right). Chloe and Aidan went to Yoanfri's town of Constanza, located in the Dominican Republic, to help build a school for the Constanza community. It was there Aidan asked Chloe to go with him to their senior prom. Credit: Aidan Roughan

Some students go to great lengths to make prom-posals, but Southampton High School senior Aidan Roughan went all the way to the Dominican Republic.

It wasn't a vacation, though. Roughan took part in an ongoing effort by Southampton High School students to help build a school in the town of Constanza, north of the Dominican capital city of Santo Domingo.

“We go down there and build early in the day, and then play with the children later in the afternoon,” says fellow Southampton High senior Chloe Hase of the trip, which took place over spring break.

Aidan was already planning on asking Chloe to the prom, but when he realized they would be in the Dominican Republic together, he started developing the plan.

“I wrote up a big ‘PROM’ sign and had Yoanfri, one of the kids we played with a lot, to take the sign to Chloe,” Roughan said.

“Yoanfri’s my favorite,” Hase said with a grin. “I turned around and saw the sign... I was speechless.”

The pair arrived at the Southampton Arts Center for the prom Saturday night and walked the red carpet entrance, she in a white dress and he in a glossy grey tuxedo.

While happily recounting their work in the Dominican Republic, it seemed clear the message Aidan sent Chloe was well-received.

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