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Chess is one of the oldest games in history, played around the world. Invented in India nearly 1,500 years ago, it continues to be a popular game today with old and young people alike. More modern versions of the game reflect our more interconnected world; apps allow us to play against anyone, anywhere in the world, while chess programs give you an AI opponent at the touch of a button. Now though, you can combine the traditional feel of a physical game and the ease of virtual chess with Square Off.

Square Off is the most advanced physical chess board ever created, using AI and your internet connection at home to put you head-to-head against a community of 30 million players anywhere in the world. The pieces move on their own with the highly advanced built-in robotics that are connected to the internet through your home WiFi. Watch as the pieces move across the board, reflecting moves that your opponent has made.

Featured in CNET, Mashable, Daily Mail, CNN, BBC, HuffPost and more, Square Off is a great gift for any chess lover who has been missing the game while stuck indoors. Winner of the 2020 CES Top Tech & Innovation Award, you can be sure that Square Off is on the cutting-edge of innovation when it comes to chess.

If you’ve been thinking about learning how to play, but nervous about jumping in with live opponents, Square Off comes with 20 levels of AI difficulty, letting you choose the challenge for which you are looking. After each match, use Square Off to analyze the play-by-play and help you perfect your game, honing your skills and teaching you techniques that opponents won’t see coming.

You can get this at-home chess tournament for 10% off for a short time. Only $399.99 (regularly $449), Square Off will delight and challenge your friends and family. Whether you are a chess novice or a grandmaster, Square Off will ensure that everyone has a thrilling game no matter how often they play.

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