Poverty has risen across the United States, and Long Island...

Poverty has risen across the United States, and Long Island is feeling it also. Soup kitchens and food banks have reported more drain on supplies in the past few years. In Holbrook people stand in line in June for a bag of groceries from the food pantry at Calvary Chapel Island of Grace. Credit: Heather Walsh, 2011

After reading a recent story about hunger among seniors ["Aid cuts would put food out of reach," Opinion, June 1], I am hoping that state legislators will make the important changes that anti-hunger organizations and AARP New York are recommending.

Something as simple as eliminating the name "food stamps" and moving all benefits under the heading of SNAP would really help change the perception of many seniors; 23 other states have moved to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program designation.

The food stamp benefit is discreet and easy to use. Benefits come on a card that looks and acts like a debit card. Gone are the slips of paper that many people still think they would have to pull out of their wallets at the checkout counter.

The name should reflect the changes that have been made in the way people use the benefit.

William Stoner, Hauppauge

Editor's note: The writer is AARP's associate state director for livable communities.