As the price of gas takes its toll on job...

As the price of gas takes its toll on job creation, more apply for unemployment benefits. Credit: AP

Regarding "The Job Cremation Council" [Business, June 19], the American working class has long known and understood that corporate America couldn't care less about the unemployed. Corporations value only one thing: profit.

They clearly feel they have no social responsibility to employ people here, as they have steadily shipped millions of jobs to low-wage countries in the past decade. This is exactly why additional tax cuts to corporate America will not create one more job.

For years now, as American jobs have disappeared offshore and wages have stagnated, corporate America has earned some of the largest profits in history.

Conservative leaders' theory that additional corporate tax cuts will stimulate domestic job growth is an absurd myth. What guarantees do we have from corporate America?

Another government stimulus plan is the only way to get the economy growing again, as corporations do not, in any meaningful way, strategically think about actual "job creation."

Ron Giacone, Rockville Centre