It was turning out to be a decent night. Yankees won, Javier Vazquez finally came to the realization that his fastball is better than he thinks. I have a smooth ride home and even eat a decent turkey sandwich. I usually don’t eat turkey, but I must say these cold cuts were good. All in all, it was a decent night until I read the Smackdown spoilers for this Friday.

I won’t give it away for those who watch Friday Night Smackdown, but be prepared to be disappointed. But the disappointment is not from what happened; it’s how the WWE spins it that enrages me beyond belief. That’s all I will say.

I am currently writing a blog post that fully expresses my rage and frustration with the WWE right now. I want it all ready so I can post it the minute Smackdown ends.

Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it.

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