Tom Brady, 68, of West Islip, will be cheering for...

Tom Brady, 68, of West Islip, will be cheering for the Giants on Super Bowl Sunday, even though he shares the same name as the Patriots quarterback's, Tom Brady.(Feb. 1, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Jessica Rotkiewicz

For Giants fan Tom Brady of West Islip, having the same name as the New England Patriots' stubble-cheeked quarterback isn't such a bad thing.

"My son lives in Boston, and whenever I go visit, I get reservations at [hard-to-get-into] restaurants, upgraded at hotels," said Thomas Brady, 68, a retired Morgan Stanley executive.

After the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008 against the same Patriots, quarterbacked by the same Tom Brady, he took his grandson and his friends to the victory parade in Manhattan. Afterward, he took them to the ESPN Sportszone restaurant, where they found a two-hour wait to be seated.

He heard the hostess talking on the phone. "She was complaining about how many people there were [at the restaurant] and she's not even a Giants fan. She liked New England," Brady said.

When he gave her his name for the waiting list -- Tom Brady -- he and the children immediately got a table.

"I take advantage of it wherever I go," Tom Brady said.

Brady said he hasn't taken much grief here in Giants country over the past week. The Giants jacket he wears probably helps.

"People know who I'm for," said Brady, a lifelong Giants fan in a family of Jets supporters.

But he has come to expects "some razzing" when the Patriots are on TV at the Irish Cultural Center in Babylon, where he watches football, including Sunday's Super Bowl. "They'll say, 'the next round is on Tom Brady,' "

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