We can do something about this, you know. But we won't. Almost certainly we won't -- not if history is any guide.

You saw the latest Associated Press/GfK poll. Congress' approval rating has slid into the deer-ticks-and-poison-ivy zone. At this point, just 5 percent of Americans approve of the job the House and the Senate are doing. Eighty-three percent emphatically do not. And while 62 percent slap Republicans with "a lot" or "almost all" of the blame for the shutdown, Dems can't be high-fiving either.

But year after year, the same Americans who positively loathe the legislative branch keep delivering its hated members back to Washington. In last year's election, with tea party fervor already at a boil, 90 percent of House incumbents won their re-election bids. That was up 5 points from 2010. The Senate 2012 re-election rate was 91 percent.

Someone might recall this irrational dichotomy -- hatred, reward, hatred, reward -- the next time Ted Cruz or the next Ted Cruz takes the floor of the Senate and all hell breaks loose again.

Someone might recall and learn from it but probably not.

Not if history is any guide.

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