I saw bits and pieces of TNA’s pay per view last night, Hardcore Justice. There was a ton of talk going into the show that the WWE would pursue legal action as they own the rights to ECW. In the end all that doesn’t matter because the show was downright awful. I will remind you once again, I didn’t even see the whole thing.

ECW reunion shows have been getting progressively worse. One Night Stand in 2005 was by far the best ECW tribute and that’s because Paul Heyman was the head booker. Everything since then has fallen dramatically short. You know the show is not a true ECW show when they constantly push things as hardcore. During the telecast last night, hardcore was thrown around way too much. Back during ECW’s glory days, they never mentioned hardcore. The actions in the ring did all speaking in the late 1990s.

I’m not just knocking TNA here. The WWE also needs to just put ECW to bed. Paul Heyman and only Paul Heyman should be the one to resurrect an ECW tribute show.

The RVD-Sabu match was pretty good. Jerry Lynn had to pull out of the show a few days prior, so you can’t really get on TNA if this main event wasn’t that great. The shocking thing is that Sabu is still pretty good in the ring for a man of his age who doesn’t wrestle that regularly. The good thing about this match is it had a clean finish with no horrendous run-ins, which would be a problem with a lot of other matches on the card.

I couldn’t get over how TNA had a fake Blue Meanie. What’s the meaning of that? Usually important wrestlers get knock-offs. Meanine isn’t that special in ECW’s history.

The real Blue Meanie appeared in a video early in the show. These videos were sprinkled throughout the show of former ECW stars talking about the old ECW. Nostalgic? Not really, because hearing about all the good days while watching Hardcore Justice just showed how bad this pay per view was falling short.

There were a lot of attempts at comedy like the fake Blue Meanie and Al Snow with Head. Not really funny, but not the worse part of the show.

Team 3D defeated Kajoneys and Axl Rotten in a South Philadelphia Street Fight and this was probably the match I most enjoyed. Team 3D have always been good entertainers in my opinion and they relish moments like this when ECW is involved.

The Raven-Tommy Dreamer match with Mick Foley as the referee is was what I wanted to see most. The actions of Foley would be the most interesting to see if he made a turn. Instead, the fake Blue Meanine and Nova interfere. Totally uncalled for and yes, something like this ruined the entire match for me. Raven won and Foley remained neutral for the match.

If you missed the show, you didn’t miss much. The “thank you Dixie” chants were pretty funny. Giving her praise is a joke, especially after a show like this. The fans should have chanted “Please bring in Heyman.”

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