CBS football analyst Tony Romo walks across the field during...

CBS football analyst Tony Romo walks across the field during warmups before an NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas, on Nov. 5, 2017. Credit: AP/Michael Ainsworth

ATLANTA – In the past week, Tony Romo has been asked to predict everything from lottery numbers to draft picks to who will win next year’s Super Bowl. That’s what happens when you are part of the broadcast team for one of the highest-rated football games of the season like the AFC title game was and spend the fourth quarter calling plays before they happen. Being, as play-by-play partner Jim Nantz called him, Romo-stradamus.

On Tuesday, Romo rolled his eyes at most of the suggestions about his clairvoyance. He called it a “novelty act” and insisted that he just “gets lucky once in a while.”

But he did have an interesting prediction for Sunday’s game, which he will call for CBS. He said the final score will be 28-24, and that the losing team will have the ball at the end but fail to get in the end zone.

Romo’s analysis has sparked plenty of conversations about his future as a coach rather than a broadcaster. That’s one thing he doesn’t see in his immediate future. He said he’d rather be spending time with his three sons at this point in his life than grinding through an NFL season.

On Monday, Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (and former head coach of the Cowboys) said he’d like to have Romo in his headset to let him know what the Patriots are about to do on Sunday.

“That’s probably not a good idea,” Romo said.

And as for the clamor from Cowboys fans that he become their next offensive coordinator?

“Well, they’ll have to wait,” Romo said. “I’m sure one day I’ll coach, just right now. I’m happy where I’m at and I’m enjoying it.”