Jack Rogers sandals from Jildor in Southampton on July 1,...

Jack Rogers sandals from Jildor in Southampton on July 1, 2010. (Newsday/ Christine Keener) Credit: Newsday/Christine Keener

With summer here, it is only smart to know what to bring to the beach to not only enjoy but survive the sweltering heat. This week, we checked out Southampton village to find the season's best gear:

Flip-flops: Keep your toes away from the hot sand with a pair of Jack Rogers. These classic sandals (above) are perfect for a trip to the beach followed by a casual dinner at 75 Main. These sandals cost $96 at Jildor, 30 Jobs Lane, 631-283-2450

Beach tote: To carry all your beach belongings, a Diane von Furstenberg beach bag is the perfect size to fit anything you’ll need. Her totes have summery patterns. There was a white and yellow tote, with green palm trees, on sale for $192.50 at the Diane von Furstenberg store, 53B Jobs Lane, 631-204-0129

Towel: Dry yourself off in style with a Diane von Furstenberg beach towel, with cute geometric shapes. Towels cost $125, also at the Diane von Furstenberg store.

Beach chair: Here to help you lounge away the hours in the sun, a colorful beach chair is the perfect necessity to stay relaxed at the beach this summer. Herrick Hardware has chairs for $39.99. 41 Main St., 631-283-0026

Sunscreen: We don’t want wrinkles now, do we? Smear on some Island Company sunscreen, found at Peter & Annie. And this lotion better protect you from the sun because it costs a whopping $40 for a bottle. Hey, it's the Hamptons. 42A Jobs Lane, 631-287-6197

Surfboard: Want to surf the killer waves, or at least pretend you can? Do it in classic Hamptons style with a preppy Lily Pulitzer surfboard for $775 at the Flying Point Surf Boutique, 65 Main St., 631-259-2893

Sandwich: Nothing says summer like enjoying a picnic at the beach. Stop mid-afternoon hunger with a sandwich from Jobs Lane Delicatessan and Gourmet Shoppe, 76 Jobs Lane, 631-283-0909

Bathing suit: This is a no-brainer, but choosing what kind of bathing suit is sometimes not so easy. Try a Melissa Odabash bikini, sure to make a splash this summer, with a $78 top and a $78 bottom at the Flying Point Surf Boutique. Now if only we could make the process of trying on swimsuits this easy.

Beach cover-up: Some of us may not want to walk around with our bodies so exposed, so check out cute cover-ups also made by Melissa Odabash. But it’ll cost you – they can run up to $375 at the Flying Point Surf Boutique.

Sunglasses: Shield your eyes from the rays by picking up a stylish pair of Diane von Furstenberg shades. One hot item -- a pair of large black sunglasses, adorned with pink rhinestones in the shape of lips, retailing at $245 at the DVF store.

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