Editor's note: Community journalist T.C. McCarthy is spending the week in Hicksville, visiting hamlet favorites and talking to residents.

Be on the lookout for profiles of Hicksville Sweet Shop, as well as a look at Indian culture in the hamlet. My colleague Erin Geismar and I had dinner last night at the New Chilli & Curry on Woodbury Road. We learned first-hand why Indian food is so popular and why the owners, Kumar Chhetri and Sanumyan Varee Pratan, were drawn to Hicksville three-and-a-half years ago.

Today I am planning to visit the Hicksville Gregory Museum, a former courthouse turned science museum.

Thank you to all of the Hicksville residents who have been emailing me throughout the week with story ideas. Everyone has been really helpful.

As always, send your tips to TC.McCarthy@newsday.com or shoot me a tweet @TC_McCarthy.

Above, the Hicksville Sweet Shop on Broadway

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